TMS - Translation Management System

New Hybrid TMS that will redefine the Translation is coming!

Dear translation&localization community,

It’s officially happening… we’re currently creating a new cutting-edge HYBRID TMS Platform that will soon be unleashed to permanently redefine the way LSPs and their partners conduct business.

You're tired of heavy, inflexible and overpriced TMS solutions that are on the market? So we are! Therefore, based on our perennial requirements cohabitations, gathered knowledge and experience in creating and servicing numerous IT solutions in the translation&localization industry, we decided to go our own TMS way, a way that we believe will better satisfy your business needs.

We bravely named our TMS “HYBRID” since it will be built out of flexible and mutually matching modules that our team of experts can later tailor to your requirements. No more inflexible on-shelf platforms that you have to adjust to. With our new HYBRID TMS, it’s the platform fitting you and your partners!

The new HYBRID TMS will be built with the use of the newest technology and graphics standards, hence allowing you to be at least 5 year ahead of your competitors. Higher processes automation potential will make you and your team be more satisfied with your work than ever before. The elasticity and ease of integrating the platform with external tools e.g. CAT will make you feel like you're working in one seamless environment. So get ready!

We’ll publish more info soon. Stay tuned and visit our website -

If you want to be one of the first customers to see the system, please contact me directly on my e-mail or schedule a demo through the website. For a limited time only, presale with exclusive discount is available. 

Patrick Repetski
Patrick Repetski