4 tips on how to work remotely for LSP

The coronavirus forced most companies to work remotely. Many employers are currently changing their organization into online working. It can be useful for effective management in the long term.  millions of people work remotely. They are using online tools like Slack, Trello, Skype, Zoom and many other solutions.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, every organization should encourage employees to work remotely. Here are four tips to prepare your LSP for telecommuting:

1. Working on the cloud Translation Management System.

Imagine that not everyone LSPworks on cloud TMS and a lot of people have the system installed on the company’s computer, in the office. When your organization works on cloud based TMS and CAT tools,everyone has access to the LSP workflow and is able to work with 100% performance.

2. Implement a work routine. 

Working from home presents a different set of challenges than working in an office. Distractions seem to be everywhere, and the lack of socializing with coworkers can make some people restless. The good idea is to set up one call with your team in the morning every day at the same time in order to synchronize and set priororities.

3.Care about breaks

Though you may feel pressured to overextend yourself while working remotely in order to prove to your team that you’re actually working. Quick gym sessions, a hot shower or playing with your children will help to keep your fresh mind.

4. Don't be afraid to use on-line tools.

There are many online tools that help companies to work remotely. There is access to many solutions for communications such as Slack, Skype, Zoom, Whereby, Telegram, Workplace by Facebook which help you to stay in contact with your team. If you would like to have more control over your employee’s work, you can implement solutions that help you track the time spent on particular tasks eg. Toggl or Clockify. It is very important to have an online drive where files could be stored, shared, and edited by your colleagues simultaneously.  Don't be afraid to spend your time learning how to use them, because when you know how to work with online tools effectively then they will bring you a lot of profits in the future.

The sudden situation forced us to change the organization of our company. Online work can be very effective if we are familiar with the technology available on the market. Our company - Deoling, since it is a software house, uses all these solutions on a daily basis, and we have a lot of experience on how to work online effectively.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the above solutions at your company.

Patrick Repetski